National Health Mission

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Facilities Available-
Short Wave Diathermy
Micro Wave Diathermy
Interferential Therapy
Ultrasonic Therapy
Laser Therapy
Continuous Progressive Movement
Upper Extremity (Shoulder & Elbow)
Lower Extremity (Knee)
Tractions- Cervical
                 LumbarMuscle Stimulator
Shoulder Wheel
Shoulder Pulley
Rowing Machine
Multi purpose Wheel
Grip Exerciser
Static Cycle
Hand Exercisers
Balance Board

Referrals From
Patients come as referral (only) from departments mentioned below

Services available
-Gait Training
-Disability assessment
-ADL Training (Activities of Daily living)

We are giving practical training to physiotherapy and occupational therapy interns and students of various colleges affiliated to Delhi council of occupational and physiotherapy.